I’ve my plane Ticket

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singapore-airlines_logoAs I mentioned Tuesday, I chose Singapore Arlines company. After comparing plane tickets on Opodo, it’s one of low cost companies. I’ve watched many testimonials about it and many people was satisfied. So I decided to take a flight from Paris (France) to Perth (Australia).


At first, I thought that take my plane from London was better about price, but it was a mistake. There is nearly € 150 more than a flight which starts from Paris.

With any service, you can find a plane ticket from Paris to Perth for € 650 five months before.

As well, I took my plane yesterday for € 770 with all options (cancellation, rebooking). Indeed, I’ve waited to late to take my plane ticket without options.



Why don’t use my stopover in Singapore?

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Since one month, I think about where do I want to land in Australia? I’ve download the Oceania map to think about it. I hope to round the world after make money for one year in Austrilia. At the same time I want to test Outdoor products in wonderful landscape. So I decied to start by Perth.







Why Perth?

I chose Perth for some reasons:

  • Perth is “less expensive” than Sydney or Melbourne.
  • You are well paid.
  • I research rainforests, waterfalls and not only the beaches of Australia.
  • For the next step (South America), I will leave by East so I will start by West.


Source: Lonely Planet_Australia_“Perth and Western Australia”_pp 892/893

Lonely Planet

Two friends who went in Australia for a long time advised me to get Lonely Planet Australia. It was their bible over there.
Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world. Lonely It was founded in 1972. It is headquartered in Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Therefore, No one knows Australia like Lonely Planet!

I bought 3 lonely planet e-books (helped by a big promotion on the web) towards my round the world:

Those Lonely Planet will help me to prepare every stay for this project.
I will know Where I’ll be going, What I’ll be seeing and How I’ll be doing it.

Also I checked flight price for 2 months on Singapore Airlines. Now that I know where and when I want to land in Australia, I have to face a choice:

  • Stay at Singapore while my stopover for 1h40
  • Stay at Singapore during my stopover for 12 hours

Then I’ve found my question stupid. I’ll travel around the world, it’s better to have a long stopover in Singapore.


Singapore is a nice city with lastly the Marina Bay Sands in June 2010. I don’t know whatever I’ll see!


Moreover Singapore Airlines is one of most safe company. Changi  Airport is one of the best airport of the world for many travellers. Indeed, it has many services.

“In addition to a wide array of duty-free shops and eating outlets, Changi Airport has six open-air garden areas. Open to customers of the airport, each garden represents a different group of plants: cacti, bamboo, heliconia, sunflower, fern and orchid. Changi Airport has numerous business centres located around the airport. Within the international transit area of the interconnected Terminals 1,2 and 3, internet and games facilities, prayer rooms, showers, spas, gym, swimming pool and a hotel are provided. Various lounge areas are provided, some including children’s play areas or televisions showing news, movie and sport channels.” (Source: Wikipedia)

 Also if you stay more than two hours, you will be able to take a free bus to round the city.

I let you discover through this video.