Bayonne Festival

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Bayonne-Festival_posterBayonne is a little city in the South West France. Its history is rich as its culture. It’s a part of Basque Country among 7 provinces: 3 french provinces and 4 spanich provinces. Bayonne Festival appeared in 1932 when 4 buddies discovered San Firmin festival in Pamplona, the third biggest festival in the world after Rio de Janeiro carnival and the Beer Festival in Munich. Over 5 days almost 1 million and a half people come to Bayonne, to Wednesday until the last Sunday of July.

More details on Official website of Bayonne

Click on the picture to watch these amazing days!



Why don’t use my stopover in Singapore?

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Since one month, I think about where do I want to land in Australia? I’ve download the Oceania map to think about it. I hope to round the world after make money for one year in Austrilia. At the same time I want to test Outdoor products in wonderful landscape. So I decied to start by Perth.







Why Perth?

I chose Perth for some reasons:

  • Perth is “less expensive” than Sydney or Melbourne.
  • You are well paid.
  • I research rainforests, waterfalls and not only the beaches of Australia.
  • For the next step (South America), I will leave by East so I will start by West.


Source: Lonely Planet_Australia_“Perth and Western Australia”_pp 892/893

Lonely Planet

Two friends who went in Australia for a long time advised me to get Lonely Planet Australia. It was their bible over there.
Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world. Lonely It was founded in 1972. It is headquartered in Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Therefore, No one knows Australia like Lonely Planet!

I bought 3 lonely planet e-books (helped by a big promotion on the web) towards my round the world:

Those Lonely Planet will help me to prepare every stay for this project.
I will know Where I’ll be going, What I’ll be seeing and How I’ll be doing it.

Also I checked flight price for 2 months on Singapore Airlines. Now that I know where and when I want to land in Australia, I have to face a choice:

  • Stay at Singapore while my stopover for 1h40
  • Stay at Singapore during my stopover for 12 hours

Then I’ve found my question stupid. I’ll travel around the world, it’s better to have a long stopover in Singapore.


Singapore is a nice city with lastly the Marina Bay Sands in June 2010. I don’t know whatever I’ll see!


Moreover Singapore Airlines is one of most safe company. Changi  Airport is one of the best airport of the world for many travellers. Indeed, it has many services.

“In addition to a wide array of duty-free shops and eating outlets, Changi Airport has six open-air garden areas. Open to customers of the airport, each garden represents a different group of plants: cacti, bamboo, heliconia, sunflower, fern and orchid. Changi Airport has numerous business centres located around the airport. Within the international transit area of the interconnected Terminals 1,2 and 3, internet and games facilities, prayer rooms, showers, spas, gym, swimming pool and a hotel are provided. Various lounge areas are provided, some including children’s play areas or televisions showing news, movie and sport channels.” (Source: Wikipedia)

 Also if you stay more than two hours, you will be able to take a free bus to round the city.

I let you discover through this video.

Mountain Bike_Intense Tracer VP 2010


Me and Mountain Biking:


mountain-bike-and-treeAt junior high school I discovered the Mountain Bike. I was 12 years old. From that time I never left it. It began with three friends: Pierre Pichon, Jean-Baptiste (JB) Bouillon, Anthony Piscione and Yohan Cambourieu. Each had their own speciality: Cross-country (endurance), Dirt/Downhill (Tricks and speed) and Trial (maniability). After lunchtime Yvon Regout (a physical education teacher) was training us to Trial Bike. I met Pierre at school bus stop.  With Pierre who was three years older than me, we went really far with our bikes. When I was 13, we rode nearly 62 miles each week-end without cell phone! To be quiet my parents locked up my bike sometimes! Two years after they offered me my first cell phone. With Yohan we was in the same class for 4 years. We liked to watch New World Disorder movies and after we were riding with adrenalin. Tony met us one year after and he became my best friend. We get up to all sorts of mischief  together!

It’s due them in particular that I became versatile on bike. I quickly got good results in France junior high school championships. So my parents help me to increase my level. They bought my first real bike in a selling on consignment: a Cannondale F500. It was nice. Its frame which had the same color that grany smith apple.

Frame_Lapierre_Trail-Ltx-2003As my level was increasing month after month and I mounted the podium at every championship, the next year I decided to buy my first full suspensions mountain bike when I was 15. This time I bought it myself while mowing the law for 4 years… It was a Lapierre Trail LTX (2003 model).


Lapierre_wallride-in-MTBIt was an awesome bike. It has opened the doors for me of All mountain and Freeride which will inspire me to move faster, to jump higher and to ride stronger. During 6 years I was riding this bike I broke the frame four times. Fortunatly, my father knew someone who could weld aluminium!


Also during 6 years I made money and I sold my motorbike (an other great story). This was time to replace my bike. I was nearly 20.


I was falling love of a Intense Tracer VP blue frame in June 2009. It was limited to 50 blue editions in the world.  So I broke open my piggybank in order to buy it. It’s a 6 inches rear travel. I put a FOX 36 fork (2005) that I recovered on my Atomlab General Issue.
I bought this one to Antony to increase in Street and Dirtjump. Wheels came from my Lapierre Trail LTX. I’ve sold many components to buy other more recents.


One year without Mountain Bike and I went to Bayonne.

From high school until second years of university, I rode less than less my bike. Yohan stopped mountain biking, Antony changed his bike each half year bewteen Downhill, Dirtjump and BMX and Pierre liked more than more road bicycle. That’s wind of change. I had stopped championship and I joined JB’s mountain bike club. They liked only cross-country. That was boring but less boring than ride alone.

When I was 17 I moved to Clermont ferrand to follow sport management studies. I didn’t find other people who liked mountain Biking as I like it. So I got Federated Mountain Bike coach certificate for Virus VTT to teach my expertise to children for one year. But during my second study year, I totally stopped Mountain Biking. It’s only when I went to Bayonne that I found a club which had the same way of ride than me: Bikikoz VTT.




my-intense-tracer-vpI have this Intense Tracer VP for 3 years. I met many riders through my MTB club, as Alexis Delgado and Fabien Cousinier that I met during shooting of Pista Prest Dago.  Thanks to “Couscous “(Fabien’s nickname), I bought his Bos Deville Fork with new settings at low price.


With its configuration, this incredible bike is a little heavy (15 kg because of weight of wheels with DH minion 2.35 tyres) but I never had a bike so funny. Since June 2012, I take championship again but this time in Enduro bike with Enduro Bike Pyrenees Trophy.

Lately I participed to Maxiavalanche from Vallnord and I was qualified to run the Europe Cup, less than 4 minutes to Dan Aterthon!

However, the first frame edition (2009) was a little frail. I broke the frame end 3 times. The warranty of frame (2 years) expired since few months but the Barracuda Company (the webshop where I bought this frame) opened a procedure to help me. 6 months later, I was a new frame end. I thank them for that. Its yoke (the part which I cracked) is really reinforced. That’s a good thing!

Also, VPP 2 (Virtual Pivot Point upgrade) doesn’t allow to put a stinger chain tensioner because of low small connecting rod. Therefore I fixed a stinger roller on my right base as close as possible to middle chainring.



You can find testimonials about this frame on MTBR website.


5-starsRear Shock


I chose to put a FOX DHX AIR 5.0 rear shock instead of FOX Float RP23 because I practice big mountain and Freeride. I take jumps more than 10 meters or 3 to 4  high meters with my Intense. So I need to slow down the travel end. The Boost Valve on DHX 5.0 does it.

Brake system3-stars


Avid_Elixir-CR_Brake-SystemHope_M4_Brake-systemI have an Avid Elixir CR brake system. It’s not very reliable. My rear brake has air bubbles and I need to bleed it after a hard day run. Moreover bleed it is hard compared with Hayes Brake.

But its felling is regular, with good power and progressiveness. I would like changed it for a Hope M4 brake system. Lastly I changed my front disk brake with a 203mm rotor instead of 185mm. I have a 185mm rear rotor.



Fork_Bos_Deville_2010My Bos Deville runs very well. Compared with my Fox 36 Talas RC2 (2005) it was like night and day. I recomand it for enduro bike. It has high and low speed compression, rebond and prestressing settings. It is very sensitive and it has a linear travel. If you use all travel, increase high speed compression. I use TRC system in brittle trails, never to climb.



Telescopic seat post4-stars


telescopic-Seat-post_KS_I950For enduro trails, a telescopic seat post is useful. With your thumb you can up and down quickly your seat. I have a KS I950. But I amended in swivel  it to 180° to have the remote cable forwardpass. That protects the mechanism to mud. Moreover I use a neoprene sock. But sometimes, the seat post doesn’t back up entirely.





Transmission_SLX-XTSince all time, I put one’s trust in Shimano system. On this bike I use a SLX/XT (shadow) transmission and it runs well no matter mud or hard conditions. Thanks Mr. Shimano!






maxxis_minion-tyresAt first I used Hutchinson Barracuda rear tire and Panaracer Rampage front tire. Since I ride in the Pyrenees I destroyed many inner tubes with them. So I changed them for 2.35 Supertacky Maxxis Minion 2 ply tires. They are much heavy but they are indestructibles with much grip too!

Canon declines my sponsorship request

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Brand_Canon_logoThree weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to Canon France to submit a sponsorship request. In exchange for visibility on my blog through my photos and associating them to my trip, I asked to Canon a Powershot SX230 HS to tag my photos directly on a FlickR map.


canon_powershot_sx220-hs_purpleI’ve chosen Canon because I’ve already a Canon digital camera with all accesories for it and I’m totally satisfied.
Unfortunatly Monday, Canon France declined my request. There was no harm in trying! I can understood their choice because till today, I haven’t more followers and my trip hasn’t really started.


So I decided to contact them next year when I will have more contents and more followers on my blog.

I have my International Driver’s licence

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When you travel the world, you can’t take only your driver’s licence if you want drive nearly anywhere. Indeed it’s only allowed in countries which have sign the Vienna convention of Road Traffic. You must ask to your prefecture to do a international driver’s licence. This administrative procedure is easy and rapid.
You must give 3 documents:

  • a proof of domicile less than three months
  • a photocopy of your driver’s licence
  • two same passport photos
  • To fill in this document. You must download on the website of your prefecture or subprefecture. Also, you can take there.

Two days after, you will be able to get back your International driver’s licence.

This International driver’s licence doesn’t replace your driver’s licence. You need of these two documents together.

It’s entirely free!

Fan Page

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how can I help?To help you to follow me, I’ve made a Fan Page on Facebook. It is written in French. So, you will be able to understand my project, its goal is to share it with anybody who’s interesting about travelling, outdoor sector and its products.

Currently, my project is preparing step by step. There aren’t many informations about my travel itself. But in 5 months, when I will take my plane, everything will be quickening!

How can you help

This is my first blog. It’s hard for me to have reactions for writting a good article.

I ‘ve bought a book written by Loic Le Meur to help me in this role. I really want to learn how to become a better communicator and bring this experience more interesting for you.

I take this project to heart. I want to lead it in the best way. Your feed-backs interest me, leave me your comments on my facebook fan page.

Click on the picture and travel with me!

I have my passport

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My passportFirst step Oceania

Good news! Yesterday, I’ve received my passport!

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
St. Augustine

After reading a long page about France, I’m going to write my own page about Australia…

To ask your passport at your town council, you must give some documentary evidence:

  • a proof of domicile less than three months
  • a photocopy of your identity card
  • two same passport photos
  • a €86 fiscal stamp

One month later, you will be able to get back your passport at your town council.

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