Globetrotters Directory


Hi everyone, here there are globetrotters who travel or  have travelled around the world.

If you too are travelling around the world, leave me a comment with your website adresse to join this Directory!



28-30 (FR_Asia_Balkans_Americas)

360 in 365 (FR/EN_World Tour)

Across the border (FR_Australia_Kirghizistan_Latvia_Lithuania)

Allo le monde (FR_World Tour Ticket)

Au revoir la France (FR_Canada_United Kingdom)

Backpack Earth (FR_Australia)

Blog trotters (FR/ EN_Argentina_Cambodia_Darfour_Kirghizistan_Turkey)

Carnet de traverse (FR_Asia_Europe)

Détour du monde (FR_Sweeden)

Dji Supertramp (FR_World Tour_Pictures/Video/Advices)

Don’t stop me now (FR_World Tour Ticket)

Electric Bicycle World Tour (EN)

En mode voyage (FR_World Tour ticket)

En piste pour le monde (FR_Andes Mountains_Australia_New Zealand_South Africa)

Flo et Yo (FR_Care conception through the world/ Globetrotters/ Reporters)

From us to you (FR_Useful and Solidarity world tour)

Globe Stoppeuse (FR_Auto-stop world tour_100 000km)

God Save the Tea time (FR_India)

Home made Vietnam (FR_Only Vietnam)

Into my Wild (FR_Trekkings and Trail Running in the World)

Jean luc Nguyen (FR/EN_Asia)

Juste un tour en vélo (FR/EN_Education in Asia)

Kilomètres et Megapixels (FR_7 mouths in Asia, from Moscou to Bali)

Kissies from Australia (FR_Australia)

Le blog de Sarah (FR_Antarctica_Asia_South Africa_South America)

Le blog Trotteur (FR_Australia)

Le Sac à Dos (FR_Advices for travellers)

Le vrai monde (FR_World Tour)

Les atours du monde (FR/EN_ Asia_USA)

Les Passengers (FR_Europe_Asia_Americas)

Les péripéties de Lari (FR_Asia_ Indonesia_South America_Usa)

Les voyages de Seth et Lise (FR_Europe-Oceania)

Lisa World Tour (EN_Europe_Russia_China_Australia_South America_USA)

Loladel (FR/EN_Africa_South America Oceania_Asia)

Ludo autour du monde! (FR:_From Canada to Nepal)

Madame oreille se balade (FR_Europe_Transiberian_Asia_USA)

Marianna do Brasil (FR_America)

Moxana’s world tour (FR_ World Tour)

N’importe où mais ailleurs(FR_Girl_South America)

Need to escape (FR_Asia_Oceania)

Ne rêve pas ta vie, vie tes rêves (FR_World Tour)

Notre petit grain d’Asie (FR_Asia)

On the road again (FR_Europe_Asia_Oceania)

On your left (FR/EN_Video of their trip)

Partis faire un tour (FR_World Tour)

Petites bulles d’ailleurs (FR_Nort America_Oceania_Egypt)

Pimp my trip (FR_Oceania)

Récit de voyage d’un jeune aventurier (FR_Scandinavia)

Rêves de nomades (FR_World Tour Ticket)

Romain World Tour (FR/EN/VIE/SP/RU_World Tour Ticket)

Sarah Marquis (FR_Andes Mountains_Asia_Oceania)

Shooting the world (FR_South America_Asia_Oceania_World Tour Ticket)

Silk Road Traveller (FR/EN Asia_Egypt_Students Sharing)

Sur les chemins du monde (FR/EN Europe_Asia_Oceania_South America)

Taxi Brousse (FR_Girl_World Tour)

Tête de Chat (FR_Advices_Pictures_World Tour)

The longest way (EN/GER_Asia)

The world we live in (En_Photographies anywhere in the World)

Tour de France à pieds (FR_France)

Tour de Rêve (FR_South America)

Tour du monde (FR_World Tour)

Tour du monde de Maryse et Dany (FR_Egypt_China_India_Oceania_Americas)

Tournons Ensemble (FR/EN/SP_14 Months on 4 Continents)

Travel Vox (FR_Advices)

Trip around the world (FR/EN/SP_Africa_Asia_Americas)

Trip d’une vie (FR_Australia by Help Exchange)

ToukanOz (FR_Oceania)

Turn of the world (FR/EN/SP/JAP_From Miam ti Ushuaia_1€ day)

Vincent Humeau Photography (Photos_India_Maroc_United Kingdom)

Vizeo (FR_Video World Travel_Advice_Asia_Oceania_South America)

Voir le monde (FR_China_India_Japan_London_Russia_Singapore)

Voyage autour du monde (FR_Asia_Oceania_South America)

Voyages etc… (FR_World Tour)

Xplore.tv (FR_Video_Russia_Asia)

Zal Trotter (FR_World Tour Ticket)



Handicapped Globetrotters


Voyage en Fauteuil Roulant (FR_Advices_India)




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